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The BMW 2002 would find a place in many enthusiasts’ garages. With a four-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed manual gearbox in the classic front-engine-rear-drive configuration, the BMW 2002 is a thoroughbred sports car that can seat four with ease. 

Because the 2002 only weighs a few kilograms over a tonne, performance is sprightly, even with ‘only’ 100bhp; 60mph comes up in 12 seconds and the top speed is well in excess of 100mph. 

And if the standard car is in high demand, the factory-approved Baur Cabriolet conversion merely makes a desirable car even more so. Karosserie Baur has been building BMW convertibles since the 1930s, so it’s fair to say they’d got their eye in by the time they got their hands on this BMW 2002 in 1973. Perhaps 2,000 or so cabriolets are thought to have been produced, but only a small handful of that number were produced in this colour.

The Vehicle

Showing just over 51,000 miles, this is a very, very rare BMW 2002 Baur Cabriolet in factory Schwarz Black. Yes, that’s right; it’s beautifully finished in a colour that was never officially offered on this model – and while you have every right to be skeptical and assume that it’s a respray that’s being passed off as original, we have proof from BMW that this was how it left the Baur factory.

The current owner has had the car since 2014, and is only selling to fund the restoration of another car in his collection. The previous owner lavished considerable quantities of time and money on it since 1982 (his children claim that it was looked after better than they were…), storing it in a heated garage and only wheeling it out for classic car shows.

On the Outside

The paintwork has just been the subject of a full detail and correction, so is in stunning condition. The all-important Baur badges are still in place, and nicely offset the black-and-chrome coachwork. You’ll note that this is the earlier round-taillight version too; 1973 was the both the first year that right-hand-drive cabriolets were built and the last year of the round taillights. 

A new rear hood has recently been fitted and while the new targa hood was fitted back in 1995, the car has had very little use since then so it is still in excellent condition.

There are a couple of small blemishes (please see the photos) but nothing structural or serious. The wing mirrors are not original but they are period accessories. The same is true of the alloy wheels, which are believed to have been fitted by the dealer at the time of sale.

On the Inside

The good news is that the ultra-rare houndstooth cloth interior is in immaculate condition, the likes of which we haven’t seen before. The seats are firm, supportive and as good as the day she first drove out of the showroom. The spare wheel is original and has never been fitted.

Electric windows have been fitted but they are not original, although they do appear to be a period fitting. Whether this was done by the BMW dealer is unknown, but the conversion is in keeping with the car and in no way detracts from its charm.

The bad news is that the glass on the driver’s door doesn’t move. The motor whirls and the problem is being investigated and may well be solved by the time the auction has finished but bidders should assume that it is u/s for the purposes of assessing the car’s value to them. 

Buyers should also note that the steering wheel is not original, although the correct ones are readily available from the usual sources should the new owner want to reinstate the BMW’s interior to how it was when it left the dealership in 1973.


We know what you’re thinking: keeping a classic as a dedicated show car might keep the mileage down, but nothing beats using a car on a regular basis to keep the rubber seals fresh and the mechanicals in good order. And we’d agree, which is why we’re delighted to be able to tell you that this vehicle underwent a full recommission by renowned marque specialists Jaymic in 2003.

The work was extensive and included sorting out the brakes, carburetor, clutch, gearbox and engine oil, ignition system, tyres and electrical system. The bill reflects the amount of work done and should reassure the new owner that this is a ‘turn-key’ car that is ready for anything he or she wants to throw at it!

History Highlights

It’s unusual to find a car with a history like this. It comes with the original PDI inspection sheet, service history book, owner’s handbook, and old tax discs plus old invoices to support the extensive work that has been carried out on the car.

Provenance and condition are what separate good cars from investment-grade cars, and this BMW has both in spades. 

What We Think

This is a rare opportunity to obtain a BMW 2002 Baur Cabriolet in the colour everyone wants – and to do so in the certain knowledge that this is a factory colour. That the paintwork, mechanical components and houndstooth interior are all in such fine fettle turns a rare opportunity into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The car can be viewed at Patina HQ in South Oxfordshire, to arrange to view use the 'Contact Seller' button above or ask any questions in the comments.

Estimate £14-15k (but remember the reserves on The Market are always less than the estimate)

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  • Location: Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  • Odometer Reading: 51700
  • Chassis Number: 2791151
  • Engine: 1990cc
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Colour: Schwartz (Black)
  • Interior: Black and White Houndstooth

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