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1996 PORSCHE 911 993

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1996 PORSCHE 911 993


The Porsche 911 broke cover in 1963, morphing over the years from a svelte, elfin Audrey Hepburn-like sportscar into the current swollen-hipped, muscular Serena Williams-esque ballistic bruiser beloved of city traders, nouveau riche entrepreneurs, and mid-life crisis divorcees.

While the early cars were slow and fragile – and the later cars very fast and almost indestructible – many enthusiasts think the 993, built between 1994 and 1998, is the model that best balances classic looks with decent performance and better-than-average reliability.

It is also the last of the air-cooled cars, which is important because the air of mystery and legend that surrounds the 911 is grounded firmly in its lack of a radiator, no matter what owners of later cars might tell you.

It’s still a relatively light car too, weighing in at just 1370kgs. It’s usefully narrow as well, all of which leads us to the conclusion that the 993 the tightest, best-handling, least-compromised car in the entire 911 range to date. (The fact that it brought modernity to a model that had been anything but until this point hasn’t escaped us, either.).

It’s also impressively quick with 60mph coming up in under six seconds on the way to a top speed of over 165mph. And you can forget the car’s Widow Maker reputation; while the 3.6-litre, flat-six, air-cooled (actually oil-cooled, but who’s quibbling?) engine might hang ponderously behind the rear axle line, the handling is surprisingly benign - as long as you don’t do anything really silly, obviously…

The Vehicle

First registered on the 19th of April 1996, this charming Porsche 911 993 Convertible has been in the vendor’s hands for the past six years. Still showing just 107,000 miles, it benefits from a recent, glass-out respray, a very good service history, and much recent expenditure.

The vendor has only used it for a couple of thousand miles a year, which we think is the Goldilocks’ mileage; enough to keep things lubricated and running sweetly but not enough to cause significant wear and tear.

Only for sale because he finds he uses his other 993 more (yes, he’s a bit of an enthusiast…) he’s pragmatic enough to have agreed a very sensible reserve, which means someone might walk away with a bit of a bargain.

On the Outside

The Polar Silver coachwork looks stunning as well it might considering it received a professional glass-out respray in January 2018. The work, which set the owner back in excess of £7,000, was clearly done to a very good standard as it still looks sensational.

As you’d expect, the panel alignment is excellent with tight and even shutlines, flanks that are straight and free of ripples, and a very good overall fit ‘n’ finish.

The badges, lights lenses, and glass are all good, and the rear spoiler rises and falls correctly.

The blue hood, which was new in 2001, is good but does show a couple of minor repairs. Nonetheless, it is waterproof, seals tightly, furls and unfurls as it should and the fact it has been maintained in the way it has wouldn’t worry us at all. Oh, and it’s had a new hood motor as per the Porsche recall of 2006.

The 17-inch, five-spoke, split-rim wheels were professionally refurbished in December 2018. The work was done properly and included splitting and resealing them with new stainless-steel nuts and bolts. As a result, they look terrific and are air-tight.

They’re properly shod too with matching Pirelli P-Zero Rosso. These were only fitted in April 2019 at 106,101 miles, so they’re still like new and showing plenty of tread.

Plus, as we will never tire of explaining, our experience shows that matching high-quality tyres are an infallible sign of a caring and mechanically sympathetic owner who is prepared to spend the appropriate amount in maintaining their car properly. Their presence does not, of course, preclude the need for a thorough inspection - something the vendor would welcome, by 08the way – but it does perhaps give you an insight into their attitude towards maintenance.

Problems? Well, none to speak of; bar the repairs to the roof, we spotted a couple of touched-in stonechips but that’s almost inevitable on any car that’s actually driven and their presence in no way detracts from the way the car presents.

On the Inside

The Marble Grey interior is typically 911, which is to say that while the ergonomics can be a bit random it has stood up to the past quarter of a century and 100,000 miles staggeringly well.

The leather seats, for example, show only light creasing to the surface while the underlying foam is still firm and supportive. It looks like they’ve been treated/re-connolised at some point and they’re still smart and presentable.

The rear seats are in an even better condition but it looks like the owners have kept them folded down to create a useful storage area, which anyone who has ever tried to fit adults back there will understand is the only sensible way to use them…

The carpets are good too, as are the door cards and the dashboard. That it looks as good as it does is no surprise because the vendor is a bit of a perfectionist. As an example, he has used a sacrificial mat on the driver’s side to protect the underlying fabric, which is typical of him and gives a valuable insight into his attitude towards the preservation of his 911.

We’ve also tested everything in there - bar the heated mirrors, which is all but impossible in this weather - and it all works. A 1990’s immobiliser is fitted, as is a period Pioneer radio/cassette player.

The front ‘boot’ is neat and clean. Home to the space-saver spare wheel, Pioneer CD multi-changer, toolkit, and battery, lifting the very good carpet shows that the metal floor is solid and free of rust. But then you’d guessed that, hadn’t you?


Recent work includes a set of Bilstein B6 rear dampers in February 2018, and April 2017 saw the car fitted with 12 new spark plugs plus two new distributor caps and rotor arms in addition to a full set of HT leads. A stainless-steel exhaust is also fitted.

The Porsche’s service history is very good:

09.09.1997 and 5,614 miles – Stratstone of Wilmslow

24.08.1998 and 12,164 miles – Parker & Parker LTD

08.07.1999 and 23,896 miles – Evans Halshaw

23.03.2000 and 35,004 miles – Evans Halshaw

02.02.2002 and 53,185 miles - Stratstone of Wilmslow

03.10.2003 and 57,324 miles - Stratstone of Wilmslow

25.07.2005 and 59,051 miles – Portiacraft

28.06.2007 and 77,664 miles – Hughes Workshop LTD

28.08.2009 and 95,098 miles – C.C. Autos

25.07.2011 and 96,740 miles – Riverside Engineering

16.09.2013 and 98,553 miles - Porschtek

07.10.2014 and 99,542 miles – The Splined Hub

12.10.2015 and 100,847 miles – The Splined Hub

30.09.2016 and 102,974 miles – The Splined Hub

20.10.2017 and 103,861 miles – The Splined Hub

16.10.2018 and 105,424 miles – The Splined Hub

26.09.2019 and 106,243 miles – The Splined Hub

The vendor works for The Splined Hub and while they’re primarily a Jaguar specialist, they have more than enough skill and competence to service an air-cooled 911, which is what’s happened here. As a result, the only invoices for the work done there are for parts rather than parts and labour.

He reports that it has “behaved very well” during his time with it, following that up with “I don’t know of any faults with it”.

We’ve driven it and found that it drives as it should, which is to say very well. It starts promptly, ticks over nicely, and revs well. Please see the video for details.

And, while the Tiptronic gearbox might not be your first choice of ‘box there’s no denying that it gets the job done uncommonly well and allows you focus on your lines, steering inputs, and braking points free of the need to worry about changing gear – unless, of course, you want to intervene manually, in which case you have the choice of using either the gear-lever or the steering wheel-mounted buttons.

Both the engine bay and the underside are clean and well-preserved with the latter looking to be utterly solid; it certainly hasn’t ever come to the attention of the MOT tester for corrosion.

History Highlights

The Porsche’s MOT certificate expires in July 2021 and was gained with no advisory points. It also has a number of expired MOT certificates plus a sheaf of invoices and bills to confirm the work that has been done to it over the years.

It comes with its original owner’s handbook, book pack and wallet plus a Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche and two keys.

Please visit the documents section of the gallery of this listing where you will find photos of this and other paperwork to support our claim that this car has been maintained to a very good standard.

If you’d like to inspect the car prior to placing a bid – something we would encourage – then please use the Contact Seller button to arrange an appointment.

And please be reassured, we’ve undertaken a full COVID-assessment and put into place strict control measure to enable us to safely facilitate a no-contact, socially distanced viewing that includes disinfection of the vehicle before and after your viewing.

What We Think

The Porsche 993 is rightly revered; as the last of the air-cooled 911s it holds a special place in the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts worldwide - and few 993 models are as widely admired as the convertible.

Offering the very best of all worlds, it is sufficiently weatherproof that you can run one all year and yet with the roof down you have the sort of multi-sensory overload that drivers of the coupe will never experience.

Which makes our estimate of between £28,000 and £35,000 seem like very good value to us for a car that has been as carefully curated as this – and the reserve is, of course, set even lower…

Viewing is always encouraged, and this particular car is located with us at The Market HQ near Abingdon; to arrange an appointment please use the Contact Seller button at the top of the listing. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

If needed, please remember we have a network of trusted suppliers we work with regularly and can recommend: Classic & Sportscar Finance for purchase-financing, Footman James for classic car insurance Thames Valley Car Storage for storing your car and an array of regional providers for transporting it.

BORING, but IMPORTANT: Please note that whilst we at The Market always aim to offer the most descriptive and transparent auction listings available, we cannot claim they are perfect analyses of any of the vehicles for sale. We offer far greater opportunity for bidders to view, or arrange inspections for each vehicle thoroughly prior to bidding than traditional auctions, and we never stop encouraging bidders to take advantage of this. We do take a good look at the vehicles delivered to our premises for sale, but this only results in our unbiased personal observations, not those of a qualified inspector or other professional, or the result of a long test drive.

Also, localised paint repairs are common with collectable and classic cars and if they have been professionally carried out then they may be impossible to detect, even if we see the car in person. So, unless we state otherwise, please assume that any vehicle could have had remedial bodywork at some point in its life.

Additionally, please note that most of the videos on our site have been recorded using simple cameras which often result in 'average' sound quality; in particular, engines and exhausts notes can sound a little different to how they are in reality.

Please note that this is sold as seen and that, as is normal for used goods bought at auction, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 does not apply. See our FAQs for more info, and feel free to inspect any vehicle as much as you wish.

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  • Location: Abingdon
  • Odometer Reading: 107200
  • Chassis Number: WP0ZZZ99ZTS330803
  • Engine: 3600
  • Gearbox: Tiptronic
  • Color: Polar Silver
  • Interior: Marble grey

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