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2007 FERRARI 612 Pre-Sessanta

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2007 FERRARI 612 Pre-Sessanta


Ferrari began production of the 612 in 2004 producing over 3000 of the 2+2 grand touring coupés with the designation of replacing the smaller 456. The design of the 612 with the side scallops and the headlight shape, was an homage to the 375 MM coach-built car Roberto Rossellini commissioned for his wife in 1954. The 612 was the second car Ferrari had built from entirely aluminium, something Ferrari were keen to perfect to then translate over to their flagship tourer the magnificent 599 GTB.

The 612 Scaglietti was an homage to the great Stylist Sergio Scaglietti, who created the bodies of some of the most beautiful and most loved Ferraris of the 1950s and 60s. Penned by legendary styling house Pininfarina, the shape is a modern day take on the 50’s style that captured the hearts and consolidated Ferrari’s dominance in the mind of a generation.

Le véhicule

Two tone paint work, gorgeous styling, V12 power, stunning cream leather interior, Ferrari heritage, Pininfarina styling and in stunning condition, this Ferrari is a beautiful example of a 612. To add to that already impressive list the fact that this car is from a very famous collection from Germany after initially being sold in Russia by special order from a time before Ferrari brought in their OTO scheme, which personalised the ordering process, and this car get even more intriguing. The Russian buyer ordered the car to be painted in a two-tone dark blue/sky blue or ‘Azure’ and ‘Tour de France’ blue and it is reported that upon seeing the livery, Ferrari decided to produce the Sessanta (or Sixty) special edition in only two specific, two-tone colour schemes.

This build of this car is well documented inside its ‘VIP’ or Vehicle Identification Passport. The car left the factory on the 13th of April 2007 and made its way to The Ferrari dealership in Moscow for its owner. It was regularly maintained and serviced at a Ferrari dealership before the Russian owner sold the car to a German buyer with whom the Russian owner used to attend horse races with. The German owner unfortunately fell ill, and the car was imported to France last year where it is now being offered up for auction. The car has 14,540 miles or 23,400 kms on the clock which for a grand touring car is barely broken in, this really shows in the near showroom fresh condition throughout.


There is a lot to love on the outside of this gorgeous grand tourer, the side scallops, the headlight design reminiscent of the coachbuilders of yesteryear, the two-tone paint and the chrome 18-inch alloys and the profile of the legendary styling house of Pininfarina. The owner really picked the very best from the option list and we think we speak for all of you when we say we approve of the choices made. The low mileage shows on the outside of this car with there being very little stone chips or general wear and tear, if any at all, there seems to be the most minor of marks on one of the wheels however it doesn’t look to be curbing and the finish on the chrome alloys looks as good as new. The car has also had a complete intensive detail before its photographing, including a cut and polish to the paintwork so it really is as deep and full of lustre as the photographs show, although we suspect it might also bowl you over in person as well. Aside from the gorgeous paint work, the stunning chrome alloys, the styling cues and the presence this car has standing still on the tarmac, there really isn’t much, if anything at all to point you towards with regards to issues on the outside, it’s simply a fine example of a fine Ferrari. 


The interior of the 612 is near immaculate also with the cream leather in stunning condition with blue piping accentuating the shape and finish of the interior as well as matching the exterior colour. There is some wear on some of the high traffic touch point areas, specifically of the protective rubber coating on some of the interior plastics such as the seat adjustment switches and on the steering wheel buttons. Other than these small issues however the Ferrari is in remarkably good condition on the inside with all dials and trim in great condition looking to be near factory fresh. The interior has also had a full detail like the exterior before its photographing and sale with that cream leather really commanding your attention and showing just how luxurious a Ferrari grand tourer can be when specced up to this level. 

En dessous

Underneath the 612 the condition of the components and bodywork is as good as you’d expect for a car that has done less than 15,000 miles. Most of the underside is hidden with plastic covers, which is an attempt to reduce drag and increase the cooling and airflow underneath the car. Under the bonnet, the V12 sits pride of place nestled perfectly symmetrically in the bay with all pipes, lines and components looking fresh and with plenty of life left. The condition of the underside and engine bay is a testament to the care this car has received, likely only being taken out for the occasional weekend blast or long-distance jaunt, this means the for prospective bidders, you get near factory fresh Ferrari quality without the initial Ferrari purchase price. 

Le véhicule

The history file for the 612 is quite comprehensive, including the Vehicle Identification Passport or ‘VIP’ and some photographic documentation of the car being built and assembled in the factory in Maranello. Even the paperwork is in pristine condition, we expect that people who buy these cars from new are inclined to give them the best treatment to ensure they are always working to their best whenever they want to take them out for a spirited drive. This assumption is also backed up by the fact that in the service book, it is filled out with regular servicing stamps from Ferrari dealerships or Ferrari authorised garages. The paperwork also includes a system CD, owner’s manuals, a beautiful brown leather hold all case, two keys and the vehicles passport case also in a red leather. The paperwork is as important to responsible Ferrari owners as the regular care and maintenance of such a quality and reputable product with one of the most prestigious badges around. 

Ce que nous pensons

The 612 was an homage to Sergio Scaglietti, the legendary stylist and coachbuilder responsible for some of the most beautiful Ferrari models of the 50’s and 60’s. It was also used as the base for the special edition ‘Sessanta’ which marked Ferrari’s 60th anniversary along with being made in the period Ferrari celebrated its triumphant return to victory in topflight motorsport. 2007 then was a vintage year for Ferrari and to have a model from that year is something any prancing horse fanatic can be proud of; this example has its own stand out story too which only adds to the appeal of the very special one-of-a-kind car. All the car needs now is a new, loving owner who won’t be afraid to take it out at any opportunity to use it for its primary function, touring in the grandest of fashions. 

We estimate this Ferrari 612 to reach anywhere between €120,000 - €150,000.

Viewing is always encouraged and as stated this car is located with the vendor in Paris, France. And to arrange an appointment please use the ‘Contact Seller’ button at the top of the listing to make an appointment. Feel free to ask any questions or make observations in the comments section below, or try our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.

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  • Lieu: Paris, France
  • Kilométrage affiché: 23000km
  • Numéro de châssis: ZFFJY54B000154037
  • Moteur: 5700
  • Boîte de vitesses: F1
  • Côté du volant: LHD
  • Couleur: Bleu Azur Argentin/Blue Tour de France
  • Intérieur: Crème Daytona et Bleu
  • Prix estimé: €120,000 - €150,000

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