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1970 Jaguar XJ 6 2.8 L

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1970 Jaguar XJ 6 2.8 L


The Jaguar XJ6 was first revealed in 1968 and was the last Jaguar saloon to benefit from the input of company founder Sir William Lyons, who described the XJ6 as "The finest Jaguar ever."

The first XJ6s had either the 2.8-litre or 4.2-litre straight-six cylinder versions of Jaguar's renowned XK engine. Competitively priced, Jaguars in the 1950s and ‘60s were the fastest luxury sport car available to the public.

A restful suspension set-up, central locking, rack-and-pinion power steering and disc brakes showed technical evolution in performance, combined with timeless British luxury. There was no better exemplar of Jaguar’s slogan: “Grace, space and pace.” than the XJ6 with its incredible looks, exciting performance and good value for money.

Lyons drove his XJ6 to work every day and refused to change, even when the 12-cylinder upgrade came out. He is quoted as saying: “The car is the closest thing we will ever create to something that is alive.”

And we must agree. Just like children, cars need to be looked after, taken to regular check-ups, invested in, interacted with and challenged, for them to withstand time, to survive.

Which brings us on to this superb example...

The Vehicle

This first series 1970 Jaguar XJ6 with the 2.8-litre XK engine and manual gearbox is the property of a businessman, who has been fastidious with the upkeep, seeing to it that anything the car needs, has been done.

This car is Swiss all the way - it was first sold by Emil Frey SA garages. The first owner had it treated with Dinetrol rust prevention (certificated in the history) and so is one of those rare Jaguars that have not experienced rust at all. The first owner only drove 22,000 km before sadly passing away and his son decided to keep the car in the family for nearly 40 years, but without driving it once! 

But why? Well, when the son first got his licence he asked his father to let him drive the Jaguar, but as long as his father was alive, he wouldn’t allow it. After his father’s passing, he kept the car registered and serviced it every year, but kept the promise he gave to his father as a teenager, to never drive it. We think this speaks to the character of the owner and it is definitely apparent, when you see the vehicle. The documents also indicated it was bought with all the extra equipment and the most luxurious interior the first series had to offer.

In 2010 the son sold it to its current owner, with the entire history fact-checked by Jaguar specialists. A true car fanatic, the current owner specializes in collectable cars, so we believe him when he says the car is in near perfect condition.

He had it completely refurbished in 2015; the interior was restored, refreshed but kept original and is fully documented (read on for more details of the renovation).

It’s been driven with care and properly garaged and maintained, everything a classic car needs for a good life. It is currently registered as an Historic Vehicle in Switzerland and classified according to FIVA Class F Note 2.

On the Outside

The lines of the car are really typical of a Jaguar and with the broad grille and four lights across the front it has a commanding presence.

The vehicle has been completely repainted by experts, so the paintwork is neat and leaves a good visual impression. There is some minor flaked-off paintwork here and there but no rust marks. Even when you open the doors, the paint is all there, there are almost no signs of use at all.

The bodywork is straight with no discernible dents and all original panels. The chrome on the front and rear bumpers is so good you can see a clear reflection in it. There are some minor tears in the rubber on the rear window and slight scratches can be seen on the door next to the front left window, but these are barely noticeable and only visible from certain angles.

There are signs of ageing and wear noticeable on the 15-inch painted steel rims, which are fitted with matching Vredestein Sprint Classic tyres; all showing good tread depth.

On the Inside

The inside of the XJ6 is so elegantly designed, you feel like a successful gentleman driving it. The dashboard reminds us of the Riva boats cruising down Venice canal, the navy blue color leather and shiny mahogany details really make an impression and are in perfect shape. 

The interior was also refreshed but kept original - as documented in the history. The leather seats, especially the driver's seat, are showing some signs of wear and are fading in particular spots, but otherwise the usage is barely noticeable.

The dashboard, centre console, walnut veneer trim, instruments, and the gearshift appear as if new and untouched. The original centre console and radio truly transports you back in time.

The windows are not electric, but that actually means that ventilation can be more accurately controlled with just the right amount of turn on the handles. The heating too is very controllable, with an impressive 8 levels to it. Everything is clearly labeled, in English of course!

The carpets seem new and barely touched and so do the headlining and door trims, there are no signs of usage or corrosion even on the metal details of the interior. No wonder, the car has only covered 35k km, it was barely used.


The engine was entirely stripped down and refurbished. Some parts were restored, rubbers and gaskets replaced. But it is a classic so you have to work hard and you have to engage with it constantly and if there are any mechanical issues you will be made aware of them very quickly.

The vehicle has the original gearbox with of course the original overdrive from ‘69. And yes it still works, without a single problem. This really is like buying a new car.

Even the boot on this car is majestic, when compared to the sizes of modern cars, it is very spacious and in great condition. Inside is a tool roll and spare wheel.

History Highlights

The vehicle was officially priced and inspected by the insurers in 2016, the so-called Fahrzeugeinschätzung can be read in full in the gallery.

The history file also includes old invoices and bills to confirm the work that has been done to it over the years as well as the detailed chronology of works following the extensive refurbishment in 2015, available also in english.

All the trim pieces were replaced by the original parts from that era. The current owner documented all the refurbishments, so the car comes with a dossier of all the invoices, original papers and bills, service booklet, users manuals etc. Regular filter and oil changes were made in the past year, the car has passed all the tests and inspections.

The car also comes with its original owner’s handbook, stamped service history, book pack, and the storage wallet.

Please visit the documents section of the gallery of this listing where you will find photos of all the paperwork to support our claim that this car has been maintained to a very high standard.

What We Think

We are looking after this car during the sale and we’ve taken the opportunity to take it out on the roads. It drives very well, feeling tight and lithe. Even though it appears long, it is quite manageable on the high Alpine roads here in Switzerland, and still turns people’s heads when driven around. It is a truly elegant and graceful car - just as a classic Jaguar saloon should be.

We believe this is the most well-kept oldtimer we have encountered. It needs no work, no welding or correction. It has a full history, has been regularly driven and serviced as any older car should be.

We are confident to offer this vehicle for auction with an estimate of CHF 40,000 - CHF 50,000.

Now it just needs to find a good home with someone who can bring a smile to its lower front grille once again and enjoy its legacy.

If needed, please remember we have a network of trusted suppliers we work with regularly and can recommend: Classic & Sportscar Finance for purchase-financing, Footman James for classic car insurance, Classic Concierge for storing your car plus we have a list of contacts who can help with transport and shipping.  

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  • Location: St. Moritz, United Kingdom
  • Odometer Reading: 35'976 km
  • Chassis Number: 105 170 2DN
  • Engine: 2800
  • Gearbox: Manual with Overdrive
  • Steering position: RHD
  • Colour: Silver
  • Interior: Navy Blue

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